Sales and Marketing Learning Path

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Do you need to find more customers and increase your sales? Do you need tools to help measure your sales and marketing effectivess? Follow this learning to increase your knowledge of sales and and marketing and build your own toolkit to build your customer base.

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1. Marketing

Gain new customers by exploring all of the marketing channels.

1.1 Marketing Literacy 1.2 Creating Your Marketing Plan 1.3 Gaining New Customers 1.4 Promoting Your Business 1.5 Trade Shows

2. Online Marketing

Delve into planning, marketing, and reporting on your online marketing effectiveness.

2.1 Planning 2.2 Online Marketing 2.3 Reporting

3. Sales

Build the sales skills of yourself and your sales team, then get ready to measure your success.

3.1 Sales Skills 3.2 Sales Communications 3.3 Sales Metrics 3.4 Selling Online 3.5 Measuring Customer Satisfaction

4. Public Relations

Learn how to make the most of free advertising in the press.

4.1 Press Campaign 4.2 Press Release